Something Different

In the section, ‘About Me’, I referred to Tony Harrison’s ‘Gentlemen Players’ and the sessions at the (now defunct) ‘Strawberry Studios’, in Stockport. Also singing, on these occasions, was ex-Syd Lawrence star, Angela Christian. Angela is not only one of this country’s finest vocalists but also a very talented guitarist. It was, therefore, a real pleasure to duet a ‘golden oldie’ with her, typifying the sounds of the day, and with, of course, the ‘Gentlemen Players’:

Song Title Time
Tell Me Pretty Maiden. 2:55

Working for BBC producers and providing the kind of songs suited to their programmes could, in some ways, limit the opportunities to ‘sing something different’. The only time I managed to do this was when a group of musicians were asked to do a session, at Pebble Mill, in Birmingham, and they invited me to do the vocals. Colin Campbell arranged the music and played synthesizer; Harold Rich, on piano; John ‘Gibbo’ Gibson, on drums; Terry Cartwright, on guitar; Colin Crabb, on tenor sax and flute; and the ‘Champ’, John McCulloch, on bass-guitar; always a huge pleasure to work with these extremely talented musicians.

These were the only ‘pop’ songs I ever recorded, at the BBC ; a very enjoyable workout!

Song Title Time
You’re Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady. 3:21
On The Wings of Love. 4:15
In Your Eyes. 3:27
I Just Called To Say I Love You. 4:19
Yeah, Yeah! 3:05
Sometimes, When We Touch. 3:56